Instructions for participants

1. Choose the topic of your paper and elaborate your title, abstract and keywords. Please be advised that your title, keywords and abstract must be prepared in Romanian and English. Pay attention to the minimal requirements (180 words for both abstracts and 5 keywords).

2. One can only participate with a single paper as first author.

3. Register on the dedicated section of the website. Carefully fill all the fields, including your personal data. Please be advised that the papers must have a maximum of three coauthors, although we strongly recommend individual papers.

4. Submit your data.

5. In parallel download the Microsoft Word template (.docx) and start preparing your paper. Follow the guidelines included within the paper. As per general aspects, we recommend:

a. The paper must have a clear and understandable structure, including an Introduction, some main chapters and a solid section of Conclusions. Reference section is mandatory.

b. The paper should have a minimum of 5 pages (first page included) and a maximum of 10 (Reference section included).

c. Use Microsoft Office 2013 or more recent.

d. Please ensure that within the Paragraph Section, spacing before and after the paragraphs is zero, while used font should be Times New Roman, size 12, single line spacing.  

e. Use the exact spacing, arrangement, fonts and pages as in the dedicated template.

f. Please use quotes and citations for every paragraph, phrase or image you use from a known source.

g. The Abstract should include a resume of the intended paper, main research methods to be used, general ideas etc.

h. Introduction section should include aspects related to your personal motivation of choosing the topic, current state of research of the domain, relevant bibliography related to this domain, objectives of your paper or research, research hypothesis etc.

i. Include one or more main chapters related to the content of the paper, in which to tackle the main research methodology, but essentially the main researched subject. Personal points of view are welcomed.

j. The Conclusions should be tackled in a personal manner and should the author`s opinion about the tackled topic, key-findings of the research.

6. Verify your email address for the message related to acceptance or rejection of the abstract. Please also verify your SPAM folder.

7. After receiving the acceptance message for the abstracts, send the paper at the dedicated email address.

8. Wait for the evaluation. You will receive one of the following (preliminary) resolutions: acceptance, acceptance subject to modifications or rejection.

9. Should you receive suggestions to modify the paper, apply the modifications and resend it within the indicated timeframe.

10. The final confirmation of the paper acceptance will be provided following the plagiarism-scanning results. All papers with a similarity level over 25% will be automatically rejected, while for those between 20%-24.99% a decision will be taken by Scientific Committee.

11. Please respect the deadlines. We will only process the registrations and sent no later than 16.00 hours of the last indicated day.

12. Pay the participation fee as instructed.

13. Wait for the publication of the Conference Agenda and prepare your presentation.